Streamline your workflow using our Computer Vision AI

Unleash your creativity and let our Computer Vision API do the rest. Automatically detect, analyze and cull your images for optimal performance.

Image Recognition Solutions

State of the art computer vision models trained on unique Canon datasets

Technical Analysis

Analyze the level of sharpness, exposure, noise and contrast in images. This model saves you time by identifying the technically best images, including the best from a burst of similar images.

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Creative Photography

Understand the creative components of an image through analysis of color palette, color style, composition, and other creative techniques. This model helps marketers match an image to a desired aesthetic.

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Facial Analysis

Detect faces, facial parts, red-eyes, and closed eyes. This model helps quickly cull through a high volume of images that feature a face like portraits and weddings.

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Core Vision

Extract object information from your images. This model is useful for sorting and searching for images specific to your needs.

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Custom Training

We are happy to support our customers. Please contact us if you want to schdeule a custom demo and learn about the capabilities of each model.

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